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Authorities in Ukraine Acquire Advanced Training in Virtual Asset and Crypto Investigations

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From November 14 to 17, a course on investigating current financial crimes was conducted in Vienna, Austria, for 14 Ukrainian officials.
A group of Ukrainian supervisory and law enforcement professionals were introduced to cutting edge methods and equipment crucial for analyzing financial crimes using virtual assets, according to a study released by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSEC). With 57 member nations from Europe, Asia, and North America, OSEC is committed to tackling global security and other associated challenges.
With this latest action, Ukrainian officials got their second training on the inquiry of virtual assets. The OSCE has stated that it would continue to assist the war-torn nation in combating money laundering, especially with regard to digital assets.
The growing popularity of virtual assets and cryptocurrencies in Ukraine, according to Ralf Ernst, Acting Coordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Affairs, underlines the need for greater capacities of law enforcement and supervisory bodies.
Participants in the education program gained proficiency in cutting-edge methods and useful resources for looking into financial crimes using virtual assets.
Through case studies and various techniques, the seminar also gave participants insights into sophisticated tracing techniques for illicit transactions across several blockchains. Participants also have the opportunity to become familiar with specialist analytics tools.
Through the use of analytical tracking software, the project seeks to support the governments of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine in improving the capacity of their domestic law enforcement agencies to handle criminal concerns associated with virtual assets and cryptocurrencies.

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