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El Salvador Begins Center for Lightning Development Training and Bitcoin.

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The government of El Salvador has started a new campaign to show its support for the uptake of Bitcoin and the expansion of the wider network.

This time, Tether and VC firm Fulgur are financing a training program for Bitcoin/Lightning programmers.
The “CUBO+” program, which has a length of several months and offers credit and prospective placement for those qualifying for the first Plan B fellowship, was announced by El Salvador’s Bitcoin Office on Wednesday.

In an effort to ramp up the adoption of Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Office last year launched Plan B in Lugano, Switzerland. The city has already enabled BTC acceptance with more than 150 merchants in the city, enabling Bitcoin and USDT de facto legal cash.

The smartest and brightest computer science students in El Salvador will get the chance to receive instruction from some of the top bitcoin experts in the world thanks to the Plan B fellowship, according to the Office. The involved lecturers and mentors have not yet been disclosed.
President Nayib Bukele’s CUBO project, which involves building libraries and community centers in underdeveloped areas to support local education, served as the model for CUBO+.

The current project will work with the Don Bosco University in Soyapango, which was just liberated from gang control following Bukele’s harsh crackdown on gang violence, which started last year.

The Central African Republic adopted Bitcoin as legal cash a few months after El Salvador, which was the first nation to do so.

Later, the country intends to launch Bitcoin-backed bonds and build a geothermally powered “Bitcoin City” that will be financed by Bitcoin mining.

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