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Solide Decentralized finance Blockchain Protocol is  pleased to announce the launch of its stablecoin USDS

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Solide Defi Blockchain Protocol which was founded approximately  two years ago is pleased to announce the launch of its dollar pegged stable coin. This has been in line  with our roadmap which aims at making Defi accessible in markets which were previously unreachable.

Solide Defi Blockchain Protocol which used the previous years to clean up its proof of concept is moving and inching towards being the most capitalized Defi Protocol in frontier and emerging markets. Last year Solidecoin symbol SOLIDE was launched to the mainnet being an  ERC- 20 token giving utility to the  protocol with a supply limit of 120000000 million tokens most of these tokens so far belong to the protocol and have not been in the secondary market yet.
The team behind Solide is confident on delivering Decentralized Financial products and tapping into the unbanked creating and  backing the most ambitious protocol.
Internal audits conclude the protocol holds about $ 1,100,000,000.00 worth of blockchain assets. This should  be of note this is based solely on available blockchain data and has not been evaluated by external aggregators like coingecko.
Furthermore there should be an expectation on the increase of more assets on the protocol expanding its use of its  decentralized finance protocol. The secondary market also can change and fluctuate the pricing of the assets with an exception to the US dollar pegged stable coin with ticker symbol USDS.
The demand for the US dollars is prevalent in emerging economies and this Defi product solves this by making USDS available on chain to Defi users cutting off so many unwanted parties on how individuals and institutions use their assets.
We are expecting an increase in demand  on this product and we are generally expecting an increase in users of Solide Defi Protocol.
To know much about Solide Defi Blockchain Protocol product offerings users should visit the product website
To know more about the teams users can visit the website
Decentralized finance is considered as alternatives to present banking systems and offers innovative solutions to both capital market and the money markets as evidenced in Solide Defi Blockchain protocol.
Users should expect more products to be delivered making the Defi experience immersive.
To get USDS visit

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